Here are answers to some of the Frequently Asked Questions we receive from time to time.  If you can’t find the answer to your question, please use the Contact Us form.

Q – Is there an age limit to run the races?

A – The minimum age is 15 years old for the 10km race on the day of the race and 11 years old for the 5km races. There is no minimum age for the Fun Run.  There are no maximum ages.

Q – I haven’t received any confirmation that I’ve entered the race?

A – You should receive two emails, one from us confirming your entry details and one from PayPal confirming your payment. Please check your Spam or Junk folders, just in case. It might be worth adding ‘wythall-hollywood-funrun.org.uk’ to your safe senders list. We do not send anything by post.

Q – When do I get my race number?

A – Your number will be given to you when you check-in on race day.  We do not post out your number.

Q – When will I get my Chip Timing tag?

A – You will be given you Chip Timing tag when you check-in on race day. We do not send anything by post.

Q – What should I do if I have any medical conditions I think you should be aware of?

A – The welfare and health of our runners is paramount! We have level two first aid with Immediate Care Medical which includes an ambulance, two cyclists on the route and medical centre. We also have two GPs on our committee who will be in attendance.

If a runner has any medical issues, we suggest that they wear a wristband documenting any conditions. The medical team are trained to look for medical wristbands. The runners bibs also have medical details on the reverse which all runners are asked to fill in at registration.

Q – Can I run with a dog?

A – Yes you can run with a dog and only one dog per runner.  In the interests of safety, we ask you to run towards the back of the runners and be mindful of other runners passing you. A shorter lead is advisable. Common sense we know!

Q – Can I run with a buggy or pushchair?

A – Yes that’s fine, but in the interests of safety, we ask you to run towards the back of the runners and be mindful of other runners passing you.

Q – Can I run for my own charity or organisation?

A – Yes you’re very welcome to run for your own charity, organisation or cause.

Q – How do I go about setting up sponsorship?

A – You can either do this online with websites like:
Or you can download a sponsor form.  Fun Run Sponsor Form Example

Q – What do I do if I want to sponsor the Fun Run?

A – There are various ways in which you can sponsor us, like bottles of water, bananas, roller-banners, etc. Please get in touch for further information.

Q – I can’t find my name on the Entries List?

A – Entries to our 10k and 5k races are updated manually and usually at the weekend. Postal entries are not included. If you’re still not listed, please get in touch.

Q – I can’t find the entry fees for the 10k and 5k races, what are they?

A – You can find the entry fees on the registration page.

Q – Can I pay with a credit card, debit card or contactless on the day?

A – Yes you can pay with almost any credit/debit card and contactless payments securely.

Credit/Debit Card + Contactless

Q – Can I have a Stall on race day?

A – Stall plots are available for £50. You will need to set up before 08:45 and we typically finish around 14:00. Your stall can be by the children’s recreation area and around the main football pitch, but not on it.

Q – How can I be considered for Funding Requests?

A – If you would like to receive funding, please complete the form on our Funding Request page.

Q – Will there be any water stations?

A – Yes there are four water stations on the route, including one at the finish.

Q – I’m blind/visually impaired, so can I run with a guide and what is the cost?

A – As we are a closed road race, blind and visually impaired runners can compete with a guide. Please can you let us know if you intend to run, in the event we need to give you additional instruction.

Entering and Payment
Your guide runner will have free entry. Enter and pay as normal for yourself. For the guide runner, please ask them to enter their registration, click submit, but then abort on the payment page. We will still receive the entry. If they can identify on their registration they are your guide (maybe the box that says ‘Your Charity/Organisation’, this would be a great help for us.

Q – Can I wear Headphones/Earphones?

A – There is no requirement that they should not be worn, but WHFR feel that they are an increased risk to the individual, as there is a loss of awareness to the runner wearing them. WHFR asks that they are not worn at the start of the race, but waits until the individual is clear of large running groups. You need to be able to hear instructions from organisers and marshals.

Q – Are there completion medals for the family fun run?

A – Yes, all runners in the Fun Run, 10k and 5k races will receive a medal.

Q – What is the latest I can register and if I need to can I register on the day?

A – The latest you can enter online is 12:00 midday the day before the race. You can enter on race day, but there is a late entry fee.