Dear Runners

The committee met earlier this year, and reluctantly, a unanimous decision was made not to run the Wythall and Hollywood Fun Run races this year. Over the last ten successful years, in excess of £70,000 has been raised for local charities. We are extremely grateful for the sponsorships and support that Phoenix Group, Traffix, Becketts Farm and Wythall Community Association, in particular, has given us.  We are equally grateful to all the other sponsors and helpers over the years, too many to mention here.
As with all projects, the burden upon the committee has grown as the races have increased in numbers. However, unfortunately, the committee has reduced in size, yet members have still been carrying out their professional obligations. The balance has now unfortunately tipped, and the committee members no longer feel that they can support the race in the way that they would like, going forward, ensuring an accredited, well run event to the high standard that we have set ourselves.
Consequently, we must inform you that last year’s successful tenth anniversary race was the last. Anyone who has registered and paid for this year’s race will be refunded in the next few days.
Thank you everyone for your support.
The Committee
Wythall and Hollywood 10k, 5k and Fun Run